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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia... Rock In Fusion is at the forefront of live “Album Orientated Rock” Fronting the line up is one Australia's top female vocalists... moving to the ripping guitar riffs of two of the most respected Jazz & Rock musicians in Melbourne,  to the pounding raw drums of their youngest member, also an accomplished Jazz/Hard Rock drummer. Hard hitting bass lines by a true blood & bone rocker & fresh to sometimes haunting freestyle keyboard licks by a very well known & respected musician worldwide, this talented Hard Rock band is sure to move the crowd with their hard hitting covers and original tracks.


Six talented musicians with a huge mix of genres... Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Techno just to name a few... fusing them together and pumping out original tracks that are currently blowing listeners away. This is a band to really take note of. After hearing Rock In Fusion and watching them live on stage, you will be hooked and amazed at the quality of their work.

Well respected within the Australian and International music community, this is a well formed band that are doing things their way, demanding attention on a worldwide scale... and getting it.

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